Metric and Imperial Fasteners

AEL is a specialist supplier of Metric and Imperial Fasteners sourced from leading suppliers such as Nord Lock and Bumax. Explore our range now



-The ISO METRIC screw threads are the worldwide most commonly used type of general-purpose screw thread.

-They were one of the first standards agreed when the International Organization for Standardization was set-up in 1947.


AEL has the ability to supply Zinc Plated, Hot Dip Galv, Stainless Steel
Grade A2, A4 & A4-80, High Tensile Steel:

-Bolts & Setscrews
-Socket Head Products
-Threaded Rod
-Machine Screws
-Self Tapping Screws
-Self Drilling Screws
-Hex Head Coach Screws
-Petrochemical Studding & Nuts
-Nominal Bore Standard U Bolts
-Earth Bosses

Nord-Lock Bolt Securing


-NORD-LOCK offer a superior bolt securing system that provides safe locking for bolted joints even when exposed to severe vibration and dynamic loads.

-NORD-LOCK Bolt Securing Systems not only guarantee secure bolt locking, but also reduce installation time, and minimise maintenance costs.

-NORD-LOCK® Wheel Nuts safely secures wheel joints, eliminating
unintentional loosening of wheel nuts on commercial heavy vehicles – both onroad and offroad.


AEL has the ability to supply:
-Nord-Lock Washers
-Nord-Lock Wheel Nuts