Marine Products

AEL is a specialist supplier of Marine Products that are certified to meet international quality standards (ATEX, IECEx and NEC). Explore our range now.


-AEL is able to offer you a navigational aid system to mark the offshore structure in line with the national, industry and international (IALA) recommendations.

Recessed - Ex emb LED Luminaire


-Available in Green (Helidecks), Red (Obstruction)  or White (general lighting).

-This unit can be set on installation for constant light output or flashing.
-The LED technology should give the unit 100,000 hours of life (10 years+).

-Low output, Low maintenance

Obstruction Lights


• Zone 1, Zone 2 and safe area
• Cranes
• Masts
• Complies with: ICAO Annex
14 Vol.1 Ch.6, Low intensity type B
• Integrated terminal box
• Low maintenance
• Rugged construction
• Low power consumption
• Instant light
• Resistant to vibrations
• Very long operating life (up to 50,000 hours)

TEF 2460
-LED Obstruction Low Intensity,

-Type B IECEx Luminaire Zone 1 & 2 in Brass and Polycarbonate.

Marine Heaters


-Today’s ship and offshore heaters have to meet extremely
stringent requirements, first and foremost from insurance

-Marine heaters supplied by AEL are the only ones on the market that are produced completely from rustproof materials: constructed from aluminum sections, steel/aluminum heating elements and a switchbox made from self-extinguishing plastic.
-The heaters are equipped with a dustproof and watertight
switch box, anti vibration screws and fixed wall brackets.

-The heaters are also equipped with a protection grille which has a 30° incline to the wall.

Heating Technology


-Industrial Electrical Heating Suitable for Use in Harsh or Hazardous Locations.

-The different heating systems and technology we offer can be used for all variations of electrical heating applications. 

Marine Lighting


-The design of luminaries is based on many years of experience and extensive research of our manufacturers in the field of professional marine lighting


-Carefully selected materials are used to ensure

  • maximum performance
  • low maintenance
  • long trouble free life



-A high-quality design product, developed with experience of
more than 1 million installations.

-Audibility is determined not simply by the strength of sound emanating from the whistle -much more is entailed to overcome absorption, distortion and local noise.

-This quality is the result of more than 80 years of development provided by AEL’s manufacturers



We can supply all from individual components to complete heat tracing systems for the following applications:
– Winterization of pipe systems, instruments, tanks and
– Anti-icing/de-icing of helideck, safety and emergency areas
-Temperature maintenance of pipes, tanks and vessels
– Electrical process heating