Industrial Plugs & Sockets

AEL is a specialist supplier of high-performance Industrial Plugs, Sockets & Receptacles. These support solutions for Food Processing, Industrial Manufacturing, Welding & Fabrication & Data Center applications. Explore our range now.

Industrial Plugs and Sockets


-Plugs and sockets with rated voltages above 50V must have an earth contact.

-To prevent incorrect insertion, a nose on the plug fits into a keyway in the socket, thus ensuring that the earth contact pin or tube is correctly positioned in accordance with the required electrical standard.

Switched Interlocked Sockets


-Socket outlet with built in switch-disconnectors 16 – 32A.
-Enclosure in thermoplastic (PBT).

-Available as type MVS for IP44.

-The plug is connected with a vertical movement. (The outlet is in the bottom of the product).

-16 – 32A products have two 20mm knock-outs in the top.

Combination Units


-Tough and durable units available with Hypra Prisinter or panel mounting sockets.
-These units feature a plug-in design that enables the base to be wired independently of the cover, making installation both quicker and easier.