Industrial and Hazardous Area Heaters

We are committed to meeting your needs and finding solutions. With an extensive range of Industrial and Hazardous Area Heaters, we are confident we have the product to meets your requirements. 

Explosion Proof


-The AEU1 series are CE Marked and certified for hazardous locations to meet ATEX and IECEx requirements.

-They have also received the Eurasian Conformity (EAC Ex) Mark certifying them for hazardous locations to the new Customs Union Technical Regulations.

-The three sizes of AEU1 heaters include our ExCaliberTM high performance liquid-to-air heat-exchanger cores that are available in fourteen 400 Volt, 50 Hz model choices to meet your specific heat
output requirements at supply voltages between 380 V to 440 V and fourteen 480 Volt, 60 Hz models to accommodate shipping vessels, offshore rigs or other applications requiring 60 Hz.

High Performance


-The HHP series of heat-exchanger unit heaters is designed for the most rugged industrial applications in steam, hot water, glycol or other fluid circulating heating systems.

-The HHP series is designed for pressures and temperatures up to 450 psi and 550° F respectively.

-HHP heaters include our PerformaCoreTM high-performance heat-exchanger cores that are available in 5/8 in. O.D. 16- gauge (0.065 in.) fin tube with single-pass (for steam or fluids and multi-pass configurations (for fluids only) to meet your specific requirements.

-HHP heaters meet ASME requirements with a CRN.



-The SRH series of heat-exchanger unit heaters is designed for steam applications on drilling rigs where boiler neglect can lead to freeze-up conditions.

-During an accidental freeze-up the SafeDeformTM core headers are
designed to accommodate ice expansion.

-The SRH Series is designed for pressures up to 100 psi in single-pass configurations only.


-18-month heater warranty

-reversible core connection feature that allows you to reverse the configuration of the inlet and outlet connection locations, by rotating the core, to suit your installation.

-SRH heaters meet ASME requirements with an Alberta CRN.