Hazardous Area Communications

AEL Hazardous Area Communications solutions are designed for Harsh & Hazardous environments for both safety & security in Fire & Gas, Telecom, PAGA & CCTV Markets. Explore our range now.

Ex Telephones


-The Auteldac 4 (A4) telephone has secured ATEX approval
to provide a tough, weather resistant unit built to withstand
arduous industrial atmospheres and environmental extremes.
-Certified for safe operation in hazardous areas, the Auteldac
4 body is made from carbon loaded glass filled polyester to
eliminate rust and corrosion. 

Intrinsically Safe Telephones


-Our manufacturers design Intrinsically-Safe Telephones for use in chemical plants, refineries, grain elevators and any other environment where volatile gases and dust are a major consideration.

-Housed in durable glass reinforced polyester for indoor or outdoor applications, Intrinsically-Safe Telephones are the safest and most economical communication solution in hazardous environments.

Loud speaking Intercom Systems and Audio Power Amplifiers


-The battery powered amplifier unit provides voice communications and signaling facilities.

-An internal Nickel Metal Hydride battery it is trickle charged from a central power supply unit via an interconnecting cable.
-It comprises a steel enclosure which houses two side facing
loudspeakers, and a polycarbonate amplifier unit. 

-The Interior includes a microphone behind a grill on the front and three
push buttons.

-The whole unit is sealed to IP65 to withstand arduous environments.
-Cable entries (20mm) are provided at each side of the unit.
-Internal connections are by plugs and sockets for easy maintenance.
-Stand-alone voice communication and signaling can be provided by a PSU and a number of BMAs interconnected by a 3- core cable



-Our switches are used in locations made hazardous due to the, presence of flammable gasses or vapors or ignitable
dusts, fibers and flying’s.

-As well outdoors or indoors in damp, wet and dirty locations, or in areas where frequent wash-downs, heavy rain or water spray routinely occurs. 



-The sounder products are used as a prestart alarm,
emergency signaling where an I.S. audio alarm is required.

-Low cost, small and compact devices is easy to mount.

-The products have a low voltage and current 12 volts, with a high output signal.