Fire Detection

We are committed to meeting your needs and finding solutions. With an extensive range of Fire Detection Products, we are confident we have the product to meets your requirements. 

Fire Detection


-AEL provide fire detection systems that are developed for
worldwide standards and regulations, and conforms with
the CEN regulation EN 54 and maritime requirements

Integrated Fire & Gas Detection


-AEL can provide the world’s first interactive-addressable
system for integrated fire and gas detection: AutroSafe
Integrated Fire and Gas Detection System (IFG), the only
integrated fire and gas detection system that is approved
according to IEC 61508 Safety Integrity Level 2 (SIL2).

Voice Alarms


-In an emergency, people must not only be able to hear an
alarm - but understand its message. AEL can provide
voice alarms to avoid the use of confusing and often
frightening emergency bells or sirens.

-Our voice alarms use a public address system (PA) to tell the public what the emergency is, where it is, and what to do.

-A calm, authoritative voice - either a prerecorded message or, when necessary, a live announcement, gives the public
clear and informative instructions. 

Sounders and Sirens


-Wide voltage range and a choice of sound outputs
means there is a model to suit almost any type of
application, from fire alarms to general signaling.

Combined Sounder/Beacon


-Combined sounder-beacons provide an audible and
visual alarm at the same point, saving installation and
commissioning costs.

-Models are available for both, commercial and industrial applications. 



-Beacons use either Xenon flash tubes or high
efficiency LED’s as their light source.

-In areas with high background noise, visual indicators accompany sounders to ensure that the alarm is recognized.
-Depending on the color and flash rate, beacons can provide additional information about the nature of the alarm.



-The fire bell is the oldest form of a signaling device available in the market.

-Although they are not as flexible as electronic sounders, they produce a distinctive universally recognizable sound

Voice Sounders


-Voice sounders combine normal sounder signals with a clear, synchronized voice message to help reduce confusion and distress during an active alarm.

-Each individual message is preceded by a dedicated selectable tone and/or flashing beacon for clear and effective warning

Self Contained Alarms


-Temporary Fire Alarms can be used for building sites  or when the main fire alarm is out of operation