Sealing Solutions

AEL is a specialist supplier of Flexible EX Sealing Solutions that can be used within a range of Industries that benefit from using safety seals in Walls, Floors, Decks, Bulkheads & Enclosure Applications. Explore our range now



-sealing module consists of two halves

-has removable layers and a center core


-One single module can seal a cable or pipe over a span of several different diameters simply by peeling layers from the module halves. This ensures a perfect fit 

Transit Frames


-Our Transit Frame units are cut, welded, ground and stamped with date of manufacture and material specification for identification and traceability

-The complete frames are inspected and then dipped in a corrosion-resistant paint before being inspected for quality. 


-Our range of transit frames, for both welding and bolting,
meet the stringent demands of offshore and maritime

Insert Blocks


-AEL’s insert blocks are manufactured from Lycron, a
synthetic halogen-free polymer containing a lubricant that
was specially developed according to our specifications to
withstand fire, explosions, temperature variation, ageing,
radiation and pests

-The blocks are injection molded to give
precision components with a high degree of accuracy 

Cable & Pipe Seals


-SR Gland is designed to seal cables and pipes between 4 and 100 mm diameter

-It can be supplied cut to allow pre-terminated cable/pipe to be installed

-It is supplied with a center core providing a seal prior to cable installation


-Once complete, the seal will provide an effective barrier
against fire, water, dust, vermin, etc 

EMC Solutions


-On certain ships, offshore installations and land-based
buildings, protection is required against electromagnetic
pulse (due to lightning or nuclear blast) and interference,
electronic sabotage (synthetic EMP) and static electricity.
Such protection puts special demands on the design of
transit components.


-Electrical interference is usually combated in transits by
including a tempered metal sheet in blocks and
components, which together systematically stop electrical
disturbance from passing along the cable screening through
the seal and successfully act as an extended wall screen.