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Instrumentation and Power Control Cables

RFOU (i), BFOU (i) Cable I Mud Resistant I NEK606


-We offer Halogen-free, mud resistant instrumentation cable RFOU(i) Instrumentation:
1 pair > 12 pair 0.75mm & 1.5mm cores
1 triad > 8 triad 0.75mm & 1.5mm cores
Halogen-free, mud resistant power cable RFOU
Control wiring available > 19 core
Power cables available > 3x120mm & 4x50mm
All are available in gray or blue jacket

Control, Instrumentation & Power Type P

Features Include

We provide IEEE 45/1580 Type P Cable manufactured by Monroe (USA). They are excellent in utilizing radiation and salt bath curing of their insulators. This
provides a very durable jacket with high flexibility
 The Features of this cable type Include:
-Flexible stranding for ease of installation, easy stripping;
Drilling fluid & ester based mud resistance to IEC 61892-4
Crush & impact resistant per UL 2225 requirements for Type
-Fire Resistant version available complying with IEC 60331-21
(Type FS)

VFD, Data, Track, Control, Festoon & Profibus Cables

Types of Cables

-A range of Cable types are manufactured by Elettrotek-Kabel which include the following:
• Gaalflex VFD Cables
• Control & Connection Cables
• Gaalflex Data Cables
• Profibus DP Cables
• FlexFestoon Cables
• Track Cables

Control and Automation

Features include

-British Standard BS6883 covers the specifications for the shipboard fixed wiring of lighting, power, control, instrumentation and propulsion circuits
-This Standard specifies the requirements and test methods for a wide variety of cables up to and including 8.7/15kV.

-The cables are manufactured with low smoke halogen free materials which is an important factor on board a marine unit.

-Steel wire armoured cable, commonly abbreviated as SWA, is a hard-wearing power cable designed for the supply of mains electricity.

-It is one of a number of armoured electrical cables – which include 11 kV Cable and 33 kV Cable

-British Standard BS5308 covers specifications for a range of instrumentation cables which we supply.

-These are available in a multitude of variants including Polyethylene (PE), Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC), Cross-Linked Polyethylene (XLPE),
and Low Smoke Zero Halogen (LSZH) insulation materials,
and armoured instrumentation cables.

Cable Glands, Accessories and Flexible Conduit

Hazardous Area Cable Glands


-Our cable gland range incorporates innovative features that along with safety, enable faster installation, facilitate inspect ability of the cable gland in it’s operable condition, prevent corrosion of the cable armor/braid and in some cases help to go beyond the requirement of merely having the appropriate certification.

EX Adaptors. Reducers. Stopping Plugs


-Our Adaptors, Reducers, and Stopping Plugs are designed
to provide flexibility and versatility in the execution of
construction works when there is a conflict between the
type or size of the cable gland thread and the cable entry
hole in the equipment.

Gland Accessories


-AEL provides slip on Earth Tags, installed between the
cable gland and equipment, provide an earth bond
connection as specified inBS6121:Part 5:1993 and also
complies with category “B” rating specified in EN
-Available in Stainless Steel as standard “shake-proof”
Serrated Washers provided by AEL are fitted internally to
the equipment and before a locknut act as an anti-vibration
device to prevent the cable gland or other cable entry
device and locknut arrangement from inadvertently
loosening in service.


-Fibre Sealing Washers are suitable for use on cable
gland entry threads, to maintain ingress protection rating at
the enclosure.
-Nylon Washers are used to maintain ingress protection
rating at the enclosure. -Retaining ‘pips’ make nylon washer
captive on metric cable gland entry thread.
-Brass Locknuts are the recommended items used in
securing brass cable glands, unions, adaptors, reducers,
and stopper plugs to a gland plate or into equipment.

Barrier Cable Gland


-Barrier cable gland is the revolutionary method for installing
barrier glands.

-The Barrier cable gland utilizes a liquid pour resin barrier seal, that vastly reduces installation time and associated costs.

-This solution is particularly effective on multicore cables where traditional compound is difficult and time consuming to apply.

Flexible Conduits


-With over 26 different metal conduit and 21 different non metallic conduit systems to choose from we are sure to have a system to meet your application.
-Systems are available in a wide variety of sizes, ranging from 10mm up to 106mm, manufactured from a range of materials with or without coverings/over braiding so to offer different properties.

Elbow Glands


-Constructed from either brass, nickel-plated or stainless steel, with a nylon seal and epoxy resin, the Group I 90 degree flameproof gland is a high quality, high specification product, ideal for Ex I & II 2 GD gas and dust, Exde IIC and Exe II applications.

Cable Trays and Accessories

Ventilated FRP Cable Tray & Ladder


-Our supplier Niedax has the complete range with all kind of accessories, fittings and supports guarantees an easy and fast installation on site.

-Also an on-site modification without the need for special
tools can be realised with GRP-materials.
Characteristics and advantages:
– High resistance to temperatures from -80 °C to +130°C
– High mechanical & chemical resistance
– Extremely insulating material (>7kV/m)
– Halogen free & Lightweight
– Low thermal conductivity

Channel Tray


-AEL’s cable channels are suitable for applications where medium duty cable loads are to be supported over short to medium spans.

G (hot dip galvanized),

D (deep galvanized),

PG (pre-galvanized),

S (stainless steel) 

E (powder coated).

Wire Mesh Cable Tray


-Wire Mesh Tray is lightweight, flexible and easy to install.

-Due to it’s small surface area, there is no accumulation of dirt or humidity and the cable ventilation is perfect.

-There is no need for long term advanced planning and ordering.

-Just get straight sections of tray, a few accessories like the universal splice kit and a bolt cutter and you are ready to go.

-All kinds of fittings can be done on-site easily.

-Wire Mesh Tray is available in many finishes and can be used in industrial and commercial environments, inside and outside.

UL & NEMA Classified Ladder Style Cable Tray


-Our supplier Chalfant pioneered the aluminium I-Beam, MIG welded design which today includes systems that span 30 to 40 feet.

-You can select from 22 aluminium models or 10 galvanized and stainless steel models.

-You can select trough, solid bottom, expanded metal or marine rung options.

-Chalfant’s Aluminium ladder has an exclusive mechanical interlock design.

-The product’s Rungs are notched and interlock with a raised stiffener on the bottom flange of the side rail. Rungs are then MIG welded.

-Moreover, the Chalfant design does not rely solely on welds for load bearing

Cable Tray


-The distinctive slot pattern on cable tray systems provides
installers with total flexibility for the positioning of nuts and
bolts, cable ties and all ancilliary items.

-Available in variety of types, from light duty through to extra heavy duty, each system is supported by a fully integrated range of time
saving fixings and fittings.
-Finishes: G (hot dip galvanised), D (deep galvanised), PG
(pre-galvanised), S (stainless steel) and E (powder coated).



-AEL’s cable channels are suitable for applications where medium duty cable loads are to be supported over short to medium spans.
-Finishes: G (hot dip galvanised), D (deep galvanised), PG
(pre-galvanised), S (stainless steel) and E (powder coated).

Cable Trunking


-A complete range of trunking and fittings manufactured to standards as described in BS EN 50085-1:2005 are available. They are  manufactured throughout in best quality hot dipped galvanised sheet steel to BS EN 10346:2009 giving maximum protection from corrosion.
Slotted Trunking.

-With innovative snap to length design, AEL offers a quick and easy to install open slot panel trunking system that doesn’t compromise on quality.

-With its global standards approvals, slotted trunking system is ideal for almost any industrial application.



-As a reliable ‘single source’ supplier of components to meet site requirements, AEL carry a vast range of fixings and accessories for complete cable management installations.

Cable Protection Systems


-As export and array cables are critical for the safe transfer of the power generated from wind turbines to shore, our subsea cable protection systems protect the cables against
over bending.

-They also increase the strength and stiffness along the cables.

Cable Ladder


-AEL provides comprehensive system of slotted rail cable ladder which enables the coupling of lengths and fittings without the need for drilling.

-With fewer components and a wealth of innovative time-saving installation features, our cable ladder remains the market leader.

Cable Markings, Cable Ties, and Accessories


Cable Ties & Fixings


-AEL’s cable ties and fixings are there when you need them and at highly competitive prices as well as high quality and diverse range

-Our ties range from tiny 80mm ties used in the electronics industry right up to our giant 1030mm ties for heavy electrical and engineering uses.

Insulation Products


-The toughness and weather ability of the tubing of insulation products makes it well suited to exposed applications for protection of cable joints.

-It is therefore ideal for application to extremely different diameter cable, connectors or components.

Identification Systems


-Identification System products can speed up cable identification with their TIPS thermal transfer printing system that can print onto labels, heat shrink sleeving and their range of TIPTAG markers.

Application Marking and Tooling


-As high quality standards in the production industry require fully automatic, precise bundling, only the automation of bindings allows efficient manufacturing of high quantities in a consistent workflow.

-AEL is able to supply quality application tooling to ease binding process in industry.


-We cater to your cable marking requirements, and can provide you with a suitable product.

-If you need to identify cables, we are sure that we can help and give you piece of mind that the cable will be clearly marked whenever you want to read it.


-As high quality demands are placed on modern cable production, shorter production cycles require increasingly flexible manufacturing processes.

-Therefore, AEL offers a wide range of easy to network fully automatic crimping machines to meet these requirements.



-The Cable Ties are ideal for securing cables in demanding environments.

-We stock an extensive range of cable ties including standard nylon ties, colors ties as well as specialist LFH cable ties, resalable and metal content.

Cable Protection


-We stock a complete range of cable protection products including PVC and Halogen-free, Easizip and spiral binding, polyester braided sleeving, neoprene sleeving and tools.

-We also offer a new range of high temperature sleeving for high
demand environments.