Thermal Management Systems

We are committed to meeting your needs and finding solutions. With an extensive range of Thermal Management Systems we are confident we have the product to meets your requirements. 

Cooling Units


-Optimized Energy Consumption

-Optimized usage of materials and time

-Service Friendliness with an emphasis on trouble free running of the cooling units

Air/Water Heat Exchange


-Integrated temperature monitoring with alarm contact

-Integrated thermostat and solenoid valve for temperature control

- don’t need to elaborate reworking of the mounting cut-out

-have mounting-friendly seal

-don’t require maintenance


Filter Fans


-Save energy, resources and valuable time through the use 4th Generation Filter fans

-Innovative filter fans and filter mats from the 4th
Generation enable an increase in the airflow of over 100%
(system of protection IP 55)

-Has an expanded operating life that is several times longer and thus to longer service intervals. 



- Prevents formation of condensation as long as it is working under load as heat dissipation from the components will prevent any condensation from forming within the enclosure

-Control cabinet heaters (radiant heaters and fan heaters) prevents condensation during system downtime when there is no heat load



-Our twin thermostats integrate independently with switchable thermostats

Our Range

- Thermostats are available with N.C./N.O., N.C./N.C. and N.O./N.O. contacts with connected devices switched in different temperature ranges.